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“Little Rich's Questions: Humor to Help Our Faith Stay Healthy”

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Author: Richard L. Bowman

Summary: As a full-time college professor for 33 years (and now recently retired) and as a pastor and then an overseer/ bishop, I know the value of humor in helping convey and make palatable information and skills I wanted my students and church members to emulate. I also know the value of humor in helping us to laugh at ourselves and our foibles, our mistakes, and even our sins.

With this in mind, for a number of years I have authored a monthly cartoon called, "Little Rich's Questions." In this small book, you will see a selection of these cartoons that I had previously composed along with a few new ones. There has been some editing thrown in for good measure.

There are 30 cartoons (OK, actually 31), enough for a "month of Sundays," a phrase often used in my family as I was growing up as a boy in Pennsylvania. So enjoy them at the rate of one a week, or read them all at one time, but by all means enjoy them while thinking about the challenging ideas in them. 

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