Birds & Other Animals Blog

I have sat on this post to my animal photo blog for a week, but today it is being made active. I enjoyed working with the bird photos, but I am especially proud of captures two photos of the White Cabbage Butterfly. Hope you enjoy this group of photos and text.

(Last photos were added on 29-Jul-17.)


Flowers & Other Plants Blog

This post of flowers includes what I think is a lot of beauty among weeds, invasive plants and domesticated flowers. But there is also the "beast" in two of the invasive plants because of their spreading nature and/or poison cattle. Check it out!

(Last photos were added on 29-Jul-17.)


Landscapes & Other Venues Blog

On July 10 while Elsie and I visited our children and their families in Lancaster County, PA, USA, I had an opportunity to try seeing what photos I could make of a cornfield. Explore this post and let me know which photos you like best. Thanks. 

(Last photos were added on 31-Jul-17.)


Trains Blog

It has been too long since I last posted train photos on this blog, so now I am showing 50-some pictures and text of train-related equipment I photographed from late August through early October 2015. Please enjoy them and show them to your children and grandchildren.

(Last photos were added on 11-Mar-17.)


Check back often to see more photographs of nature and other venues. I'll try to post a new photo or two at least once a week in one or more of these blogs.