Birds & Other Animals Blog

Take a look at a month's worth of my bird and other animal photos. This time there are 36 for you all to view and enjoy!

(Last photos were added on 13-May-17.)


Flowers & Other Plants Blog

Late Winter into Early Spring is a time of many flowers. We usually think of the bulbs we have planted and their flowers, but the many lawn wildflowers we call weeds also bloom early. To me, while they are very small, they are beautiful, too. What do you think?

(Last photos were added on 28-Mar-17.)


Landscapes & Other Venues Blog

After not updating this blog for one year and five months, I have now added more than 50 photos. Hopefully everyone can find at least one photo they enjoy. Take a look!

(Last photos were added on 2-Mar-17.)


Trains Blog

It has been too long since I last posted train photos on this blog, so now I am showing 50-some pictures and text of train-related equipment I photographed from late August through early October 2015. Please enjoy them and show them to your children and grandchildren.

(Last photos were added on 11-Mar-17.)


Check back often to see more photographs of nature and other venues. I'll try to post a new photo or two at least once a week in one or more of these blogs.