Photos from 19-Dec-19

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"Historical Genesis from Adam to Abraham"

Presenter: Dick Fischer, President of Genesis Proclaimed Association, Washington, D.C.

Responders: Andrea Saner, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Eastern Mennonite Seminary
John Fairfield, Author, Humanitarian, & Entrepreneur

audience gathers for forum

Showing One Third of Audience as People Enter. (19-Dec-19; © Richard L. Bowman

presenter and responders talk before meeting

Presenter and Responders Share Together Before the Meeting Begins. (19-Dec-19; © Richard L. Bowman

chaplain Eric Martin

Chaplain Eric Martin Prepares for the Opening Prayer. (19-Dec-19; © Richard L. Bowman

Roman Miller

Roman Miller Introduces the Speaker. (19-Dec-19; © Richard L. Bowman

Dick Fischer is ready

Dick Fischer Waits to Begin His Presentation. (19-Dec-19; © Richard L. Bowman

Dick shares his slides

A Slide Illustrating Possible Faces of Early Human Predecessors. (19-Dec-19; © Richard L. Bowman

Dick gives his presentation

Dick Gives His Presentation. (19-Dec-19; © Richard L. Bowman

a map helps explain Genesis

A Map of the Euphrates River and Canals with Possible Sites for Adam. (19-Dec-19; © Richard L. Bowman)

YouTube channel's name

Dick's YouTube Channel: Creation, Genesis and Origins. (19-Dec-19; © Richard L. Bowman

John Fairfield explains

John Fairfield Explains His Response. (19-Dec-19; © Richard L. Bowman

Andrea Saner shares

Andrea Saner Share Her Response. (19-Dec-19; © Richard L. Bowman

Dick, Hohn and Andrea discuss with audience

Presenter and Responders Discuss Questions from the Audience. (19-Dec-19; © Richard L. Bowman)

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