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November 14, 2019

"Confucius Meets Menno: China’s Religious Resurgence and Search for Ethical Roots"

Presenter: Myrrl Byler, China Cross-Cultural Leader, Eastern Mennonite University 

Responders: Leah Boyer, Adjunct Associate Professor of Physics, EMU
   Yuka Kishida, Assistant Professor of History & Pol. Sci., Bridgewater College

No audio from this event

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October 10, 2019

"Infinitude: Implications for Trinitarian Theology"

Presenter: Samuel Augsburger, Biomechanical Engineer, Lexington, KY

Responders: Robert Hostetler, Retired Mathematics Professor, Penn State University, VMRC Resident
   Richard Bowman, Emeritus Physics Professor, Bridgewater College, VMRC Resident

Audio: "Infinitude: Implications for Trinitarian Theology"

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September 11, 2019

"A Silent Violence: Sexual Abuse in Mennonite and Plain Communities"

Presenter: Carolyn Stauffer, Associate Professor, Eastern Mennonite University

Responders: Ross Erb, MSW, Collins Center, Harrisonburg, VA
     Cheryl Messenger, Minister’s Wife, Quicksburg, VA 

Audio: "A Silent Violence: Sexual Abuse in Mennonite and Plain Communities"

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August 8, 2019

Church and State in the Carolingian Era"

Presenter: Carol Scheppard, Professor of the College, Bridgewater College

Responders: Gerald Brunk, Professor Emeritus History, Eastern Mennonite University
Dean Welty, Director of Valley Family Forum, VMRC Resident

Audio: "Church and State in the Carolingian Era" (Due to operator error, no audio is available.))

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July 11, 2019

"A 50 Year Ecumenical Sojourn in Africa"

Presenter: Harold F. Miller, Former African Mission/Service Worker, Harrisonburg, VA

Responders: Edith Shenk Kuhns, Former Eastern Mennonite Missions African Missionary
     Susan Godshall, Retired Chaplain & Former Eastern Mennonite Missions African Representative

Map of Africa - will open in a new window so it can be available while listening to the audio

Audio: "A 50 Year Ecumenical Sojourn in Africa"

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June 13, 2019

"Space Travel and Christian Faith"

Presenter: Richard L. Bowman, retied physics prof., Bridgewater College; VMRC resident

Responders: Laura Yordy, assoc. prof. of philosophy/religion, Bridgewater College
Daniel King, asst. professor of physics, Eastern Mennonite University 

Presentation (as pdf): "Space Travel and Christian Faith"

Audio: "Space Travel and Christian Faith"

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May 9, 2019

"The Space Between: A Christian Engagement with the Built Environment”

Presenter: Randy Seitz, Architect, Harrisonburg, VA

Responders: Wallace Hatcher, Retired CEO Lantz Construction Co. and Resident of Park Gables, VMRC
   Dee Weikle, Associate Professor of Computer Science, James Madison U.

Audio: "The Space Between: A Christian Engagement with the Built Environment"

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April 11, 2019

"Make the Rest of Your Days the Best of Your Days”

Presenters: Idella and Emory Otto, Retired Counselors, Landis Homes, PA

 Responders: Raymond Ramquist, Former Professor/Administrator & Resident of Park Gables,
Rowland Shank, Former Hospital Administrator & Resident of Park Place, VMRC

Audio: "Make the Rest of Your Days the Best of Your Days"

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More presentations to be added later.


Photos from 12-Dec-18

Caring for God’s Creation: Anabaptists and Climate Change”

Presenters: Doug Graber Neufeld, Professor of Biology, Eastern Mennonite University

 Responders: Wayne Teel, Professor of Geographic Science, JMU
Calvin Redekop, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Conrad Grebel College, Park Village resident, VMRC

Photos from 8-Nov-18

Origen: Third Century Egyptian Theological View on Justification in the Book of Romans

Presenters: Nancy Heisey, Professor of Bible & Religion, Eastern Mennonite University

 Responders: William Abshire, Professor of Religion and Philosophy, Bridgewater College
Larry Clark, Retired Pastor, Park Gables Resident, VMRC

Photos from 11-Oct-18

A Three Person Dialogue on Theology and Politics: How Would Jesus Vote?

Presenters: John Swartz, Mennonite pastor and writer, resident of Heritage Haven, VMRC
John Sloop, retired Presbyterian pastor, Harrisonburg, VA
Harriett “Betsy” Hayes, associate professor of sociology, Bridgewater College

Listener: Harvey Yoder, Pastor and Counselor, Harrisonburg, VA

Photos from 13-Sep-18

Epigenetics and the Incarnation:
Generational Healing and Transformation as the Work of the Spirit

Presenter: Roy Hange, co-pastor of Charlottesville Mennonite Church; adjunct prof.

Responders: Rose Huyard--Counselor, Grottoes, VA; Richard Worden, Retired Minister, Park Place, VMRC

Photos from 9-Aug-18

Where Is God? Do the Math!

Presenter: Jim Mullenex, Retired Professor of Mathematics, James Madison University

Responders: Ann Pauley--retired teacher; Ken Seitz, Jr.--retired pastor

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