Photos from 9-Jan-20

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"Thriving: How Growing Churches Are Reaching Young Adults”

Presenter: Aaron Kauffman, Virginia Mennonite Missions

Responders: Steve Byler, Pastor at Calvary Mennonite Church
Debbi DiGennaro, Adjunct Professor Applied Social Sciences, EMU KY

Chaplain Steve Landis speaks with the two responders

As People Gather, Chaplain Steve Landis Chats with Steve and Debbi. (9-Jan-20; © Richard L. Bowman)

Aaron Kauffman shares

Aaron Makes an Early Point. (9-Jan-20; © Richard L. Bowman)

Aaron ande his slides

The Audience Is Absorbed with Aaron and His Presentation Slides. (9-Jan-20; © Richard L. Bowman)

close up of Aaron

Close-up of Aaron. (9-Jan-20; © Richard L. Bowman)

Aaron makes a point

Aaron Is Demonstrative as He Makes a Point. (9-Jan-20; © Richard L. Bowman)

a concluding slide

The First Closing Summary Slide. (9-Jan-20; © Richard L. Bowman)

Debbi responds

Debbi Shares from Her Experience in Africa and Other Places/ (9-Jan-20; © Richard L. Bowman)

Steve checks his notes

Steve Makes a Point as He Checks His Notes.  (9-Jan-20; © Richard L. Bowman)

Aaron, Debbi and Steve take questions

Debbi, Aaron and Steve Interact with the Audience. (9-Jan-20; © Richard L. Bowman)

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