February 11, 2017
 More Than a Mystery

Today is Saturday, and this week I found an outdoor plant in bloom. Whether this is the time for it to bloom or whether it was the high of almost 70o F (20o C), I don't know. In facxt I am not even sure of the plant's name. Anyone help m e out. Below is a sort-of close-up of the plant and flower. The plant is low-lying and growing in one of our flower bed close to the house. 

mystery plant in bloom

A Mystery Plant; Can Anyone Identify It? (8-Feb-17;© Richard L. Bowman)

These next two plants show the size of the plant better. It covers an area of about three feet along the house by one and a half feet out from the wall (~100 X 50 cm).

putting the mystery plant in perspective

The Plant in Context Against Some Lattice (8-Feb-17; © Richard L. Bowman)

measuring the length of the leaves on the mystery plant

Leaves Are About Half-inch (1 cm) Long (8-Feb-17; © Richard L. Bowman)

While there are not many plants growing outside in the winter here in western Virginia, the seed pods from the Yucca flowers that bloomed in late June are still hanging on their dried stalks. I have included my photo of the flowers in June..

the dried seed pod of the yucca plant

Seed Pod from a Yucca Flower (8-Feb-17; © Richard L. Bowman)

the yucca plant this summer

Yucca Plant in Bloom This Summer (23-Jun-16; © Richard L. Bowman)

So my search for plants took me indoors. Since our return from Albania in late August, we have been very thankful for our house sitters keeping our indoor plants healthy. The  Kentia Palm is about 12 years old, first showing up as a small plant in a planter someone gave us upon the death of one of our parents. It is now almost four feet (1.3 m) tall. 

Kentia Palm in Our Home Harrisonburg, VA, USA (10-Feb-17; © Richard L. Bowman)

The Philodendron shown below had a similar origin into our home but not as long ago--maybe seven or eight years old.  


Philodendron S[reads Over the Top of Our TV Cabinet (10-Feb-17;  © Richard L. Bowman)

A bamboo plant given to me after one of my hip replacement surgeries is also doing great. 


Bamboo Plant Doing Great (10-Feb-17;  © Richard L. Bowman)

Check back again in the next couple of weeks, and I will see if I can capture any other plants growing and blooming in the winter time. 

--©2014-17, Richard L. Bowman

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