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PH01 "Let God Brighten Your Corner Wherever It Is"

let God brighten your corner

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PH02 "You Are All One in Christ Jesus"

you are all one in Christ Jesus

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PH03 "So Do Not Be Afraid"

do not be afraid

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PH04 "Look at the Birds of the Air; They Do Not Sow"

look at the birds of the air, they do not sow 

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PH05 "Observe How Birds Live and God's Plan for You"

consider how birds live and God's plan for you 

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PH06 "God Owns Every Animal of the Forest"

God owns every animal of the forest 

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PH07 "Love Your Enemies"

love your enemies 

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PH08 "Broad Is the Road That Leads to Destruction"

broad is the road that leads to destruction 

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PH09 "Do Your Best to Win Approval in God's Sight"

do your best to win approval in God's sight 

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PH10 "Ask the Lord of the Harvest to Send Out Workers"

ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers 

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