Date: Thurs. December 19
Time: 6:30- 8:00 p.m.
Location: Detwiler Auditorium,
Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community

“Historical Adam: Identifying the Time, Place and Cultural Setting of the First Man in Biblical History”

Dick Fischer, President of Genesis Proclaimed Association, Washington, DC

Responders: Andrea Saner, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Eastern Mennonite Seminary
John Fairfield, Author, Humanitarian, & Entrepreneur

Synopsis: Genesis 2-11 are the most read and least understood of all the passages of Scripture. Understood as Semitic history beginning about 7,000 years ago, they resonate with the history of the ancient Near East. Taken as human history they make no sense at all. In this talk we will examine the extra-biblical evidence that establishes a reason to view the inspired text in a new light, one in which we can place our confidence .

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