“Exploring Science and Faith”

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Date: Wed. April 15, 2020
Time: 6:30- 8:00 p.m.
(Students and Teachers See Other Doc's)
Location: Detwiler Auditorium,
Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community

Students from local Christian high schools and homeschools will participate in a science fair as they incorporate science and faith into each project.

As students utilize the tools of science–investigation, discovery, communication—they will simultaneously understand the “fingerprints of the Creator” at work in our world in the past and now. A primary goal of this science fair is to encourage students of high school age, who initiate explorations in science through the completion of a research project, to recognize and describe the integration of faith within their work.

In our Christian understanding, we believe God originated our world and the elements within it by some means and that God continues to sustain the universe. This raises questions about God’s character, past actions and design, and about how Christian believers should live today. Students will pursue these and other such questions in their projects.

Combined Project Categories
A. Chemistry and Biochemistry
B. Physics and Engineering


  • Two phases: Project Research Paper (1500-3000 words, due 3/20/20); invited Project Poster Display with oral presentation at VMRC (4’x3’ table space, 4/15/2020)

  •  Eight to twelve projects in each of the below four categories will be accepted and judged;

  •  Each project should reflect the process of science in the work of high school students.

Judging criteria:

  • Scientific thought and understanding,

  • Creativity and originality,

  • Integration with faith and scripture,

  • Written, visual, &oral communication.

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