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Instructions for Printing

  1. Save the pdf file with the image you want. Open the file in your pdf viewer and print it. But first make certain that it will print to the edges of the page. This will give 1/2-inch margins around the picture. Your note cards should print on 8 1/2" x 1 1" photo paper sheet.

  2. Before printing on photo paper, do a test run on ordinary 20 1b document paper to see if the layout is correct. Fold the resulting paper in half and check to see if there are 1/2-inch white margins around the image. If not, adjust the respective margins by a bit. I typically add two to four hundredths of an inch to the top margin on my printer.

  3. Then put photo paper in the paper feed to your printer and make your final print or prints. Fold it exactly in half and write your personal greetings, an encouraging message or a Bible verse, on the inside.

  4. Finally mail your card in a 6"H x 9"W white envelopes available online or in stationery stores or give it directly to your recipient.

Wishing God's blessing to you and your recipient!


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